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Special Allocated Loss Adjustment Expenses (SALAE) Overview

These expenses are normally reimbursed to a WYO Company on the basis of the NFIP Fee Schedule. FEMA recognizes that a WYO Company will sometimes incur extraordinary expenses in the handling of a claim.

When justified, these extraordinary expenses will be reimbursed to the WYO Company as a SALAE. Pursuant to FEMA Bulletin W-10039, Revisions to Special Allocated Loss Adjustment Expenses, all submissions will need to comply fully with the standards and requirements as set forth within the bulletin. See bulletin FEMA W-10039

The WYO Company and/or Vendor should submit their SALAE to iService via either of the following methods:

  Email to:

  Fax to: 301-577-3421; or
  Mail to:
iService Claims Administration Team
NFIP Bureau & Statistical Agent
P.O. Box 310
Lanham, MD 20706
Upon receipt of a SALAE submission, iService will review it in concert with FEMA. All responses will be delivered electronically. Please ensure the SALAE request form contains all necessary return receipt information, which will facilitate an electronic delivery to the appropriate party.

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