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Adjuster Preliminary Damage Assessment Overview

NFIP Certified Adjusters are required to submit an Adjuster Preliminary Damage Assessment (APDA) form once a structure has been inspected and the adjuster has determined that it is to be substantially damaged.

NFIP Certified Adjusters may view standards and requirements at the following link:
Adjuster Claims Manual


Substantial Damage
is defined as “a structure that has had flood damage in which the cost to repair equals or exceeds 50% of the market value of the structure at the time of the flood.”

The APDA form, FEMA Form 086-0-20, may be downloaded at the following link:
Adjuster Preliminary Damage Assessment 

The authority to collect the information is Title 42, U.S. Code, Section 4001-4028. 


The completed APDA form should be transmitted to iService or faxed to 301-577-3421. The subject line of the email should read “APDA Enclosed.”

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