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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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NFIP Rating and the Community Rating System



Know Your Line: Be Flood Aware


Upcoming Changes to the NFIP – Recent Flood Insurance Legislation will Affect Subsidized Rates for Pre-FIRM Buildings



States and Communities Work to Coordinate Building Codes and Floodplain Management Ordinances



FloodSmart Websites Offer New Resources for FloodSmart Partners and Agents


Disputing Flood Zones


All Audiences
Articles appearing on the e-Watermark website or from the Watermark newsletter that relate to all NFIP Stakeholders.

Finding NFIP Regulations Online
Provides short summaries of NFIP regulations available through the FEMA Library. (10/14/2008)

Understanding the Power of Grandfathering
Explains how map Grandfathering can reduce some premiums. (9/2/2008)

The Vented Breakaway Wall Solution
Recounts a property owner's success with flood vents. (9/2/2008)

Just the Facts
Describes 5 flood-related FEMA fact sheets. (8/6/2008)

Midwest Flood Recovery Resources
Announces a FEMA web page for flood victims. (6/26/2008)

Looking for FEMA Updates?
Announces FEMA e-notification program. (6/3/2008)

The Power of Collaboration
Tells how one community protected itself from flooding. (5/8/2008)

Webinars: Another NFIP Training Option
Explains how web seminars are used for NFIP training. (2/5/2008)

This Is the Map Service Center
Offers information about flood mapping resources. (2/5/2008)

Wildfires Increase Flood Hazards
Highlights flood risks for California properties hit by wildfires. (1/7/2008)

One Town, Two NFIP Communities
Reports on how one unusual town participates in the NFIP. (1/7/2008)

Online Mapping Tutorials
Describes multimedia FEMA map modernization tutorials. (12/14/2007)

Check It Out!
Introduces recent enhancements to the FEMA Library. (12/14/2007)

2007 Revisions to the Mandatory Purchase Guidelines
Highlights revisions made to NFIP guidelines for lenders and loan servicers. (12/14/2007)

Map Modernization Made Easier
FEMA offers a selection of online mapping resources. (11/1/2007)

A Moving Experience
Hydrodynamic forces can create substantial damage. (11/1/2007)

Disaster Support Resources
Recovery information is provided for disaster victims. (10/01/2007)

NFIP Procedure Changes
October revisions have been made to the Flood Insurance Manual. (10/01/2007)

Finding Your Base
BFE notices are now published on the FEMA Flood Hazard Mapping website. (09/01/2007)

On Assignment: ICC Claims
How to manage an ICC claim when property ownership is transferred before the claim is paid. (09/01/2007)

Looking Toward the NFIP's Future
Modernizing flood maps prepares communities for emergencies. (08/01/2007)

Paying NFIP Premiums by Credit Card
Pay premiums in installments using a credit card. (07/01/2007)

Keeping Up with the SFHAs
Changes in flood maps may affect premiums. (07/01/2007)

Highlights of the 2007 National Flood Conference
Summary of this year's hottest issues and events. (07/01/2007)

Honoring NFIP Stakeholders
Outstanding stakeholders are honored for accomplishments in supporting the NFIP. (07/01/2007)

Post-Katrina ABFEs
Advisory Base Flood Elevations guide rebuilding along the Gulf Coast. (06/01/2007)

Clarifying FIRMettes
Create downloadable flood maps online. (05/01/2007)

FEMA's Greatest Hits
Flood-related materials are popular at FEMA's online library. (05/01/2007)

Re-Rating Substantially Damaged Buildings
Pre-FIRM buildings may require re-rating after substantial flood damage. (03/01/2007)

Northeastern U.S. Is Vulnerable
Despite big flood losses, few households are NFIP insured. (02/01/2007)

Visit FEMA's New Online Library
A centralized collection of FEMA materials. (02/01/2007)

We, Too, Are the NFIP: JWT
FEMA's partner in the FloodSmart marketing campaign. (02/01/2007)

NFIP Materials in Spanish
The NFIP's Spanish-language resources. (02/01/2007)

New EC Photo Requirements
Details about this new Elevation Certificate requirement. (Watermark 2007, No. 1)

Revised Lender Guidelines Due in 2007
A new version of this primary guidance document for lenders and servicers is expected in mid-2007. (Watermark 2007, No. 1)

First-Rate Community
First CRS community to achieve a Class 1 designation. (Watermark 2007, No. 1)

A Model for Retention
Keeping policies when maps are updated. (Watermark 2007, No. 1)

New Insurance Outreach Toolkit
PR tools for map changes. (Watermark 2007, No. 1)

Lessons Learned from Katrina
Improving personal and public preparedness and response. (12/01/2006)

NFIP Rule Changes
October 1, 2006 changes to the NFIP. (Watermark 2007, No. 1)

Increasing Policyholder Discounts
Communities can make insurance more economical. (Watermark 2007, No. 1)

5 Million Policies, and Growing!
RAND study of market penetration reveals NFIP demographics. (Watermark 2006, No. 2)

Check Out These Changes to the NFIP
A summary of the NFIP Rate and Rules changes effective May 1, 2006. (Watermark 2006, No. 2)

Putting the NFIP to the Test
The "State of the NFIP" keynote speech given by David Maurstad at the 2006 National Flood Conference in early May. (Watermark 2006, No. 2)

Hurricane Season
A review of the 2005 season. Flood protection and response resources for effectively preparing for the 2006 season and beyond. (Watermark 2006, No. 2)

How Long Must You Wait?
Why is there a 30-day waiting period for flood insurance policies to go into effect? What are the exceptions? (Watermark 2006, No. 2)

FloodSmart Heightens Awareness Throughout the Hurricane Season
Public awareness activities of the NFIP's FloodSmart campaign. Includes new TV public service announcement featuring New Orleans musicians. (Watermark 2006, No. 2)

We, Too, Are the NFIP
First in a series about the contractors serving the NFIP. Explores the role of the NFIP Bureau and Statistical Agent. (Watermark 2006, No. 2)

Honoring Stakeholder Achievements
Announces all of the NFIP's partners who received awards at the 2006 National Flood Conference. (Watermark 2006, No. 2)

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